Miss Make It Happen.

MMIH was created out of the love of helping others and having the ability of seeing things that others miss.

We're a small business here at MMIH, but don't let that put you off. We really can do great things.

We know that as business owners, helping our clients come first. We put off the little things for 'the greater good'. What if you could now delegate those tasks to someone else in the knowledge that not only will they be done with care and on time, but with passion and precision.

MMIH are also proud to be able to take on those longer more essential projects that will help your business grow but also get left whilst you're focusing on what you do best.

Holding or taking part in an event can be, apart from fun and productive, somewhat time consuming and mentally and physically exhausting. That's where MMIH can help. Do you have a stand that you need promoting? We can cover you on the day (rumour has it, we'll also dress up to help draw positive attention to you and your business).

Do you need a one off show PA that can make sure all your needs are met and the coffee is constantly flowing? We've got that covered too.

We don't have a list of services because we believe our clients needs are completely individual and unique.

So lets have a chat and see what MMIH can do for YOU.