Over the last few months Miss Make It Happen has turned things upside down, thrown out the bad, re-evaluated the good, added new processes, smashed all our 2020 goals (by the end of January) and today, I'm proud to announce... 
Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you Róisín Duffy! PA to Dee Atkins - Miss Make It Happen. 
Róisín's main role will be helping me directly within my business as it continues to grow. I'll still be seeing to all client contracts personally and Róisín will be the beauty and brains behind some of the back end stuff at Hippo HQ. 
I first met Róisín whilst working together for a mutual client. She's bloody awesome, takes no shit, and makes me laugh. What else could I want in a PA? 
For those of you, that know me well will know that I don't trust anyone. In fact, there aren't many people I like at all. I'm so happy that I finally found someone who is just as happy to sit in a room and not talk, as I am. lol 
Róisín will officially be starting on 1st March 2020 and I just know we'll be working hard and getting along just fine. 
If you're wondering about the picture... That was at target practice. REAL target practice. With bows and arrows. If we're going to take over the world we need practical skills as well as computer skills! 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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