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What was your favourite past time as a kid?

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I was born a cabbage patch kid. OK, that's not entirely true, but I did look like AND own one called Hector. I loved that doll. I would still have him now if he hadn't perished in a rather serious house fire where my family lost everything. Here's me and Hector circa. 1984.

As a kid I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house. I would work on the allotments with my Gramps (Hence the cabbage patch kid nick name) and I learnt to cook with my Nannie. I'd spend a LOT of time outside. We'd go on walking adventures, picking berries, hunting (yes, really!), and I never really lost the buzz for the outdoors. I'm lucky because i'm considered East London but i'm far enough East where it starts to get green. I have easy access to some beautiful parks and the big central London parks are only 30 minutes away on the underground.

I'd spend all my days as a kid riding my bike, playing in streams and generally getting dirty. It really was a magical childhood. Fast forward a couple of decades and I still love being outside. I'm now in my mid thirties and I absolutely love being outside. Walking through fields, jumping in streams, lakes and ponds. It took me 33 years but last year I even got my mum to "swim" in our local stream. One of my favourite experiences. Cost nothing but gave me a memory i'll cherish forever.

I have no shame when it comes to climbing trees at "my age", and I certainly won't be listening to the people who try to scare me out of having fun. I didn't die from some water related disease as a kid and i'm pretty sure i'll be ok now. When my partner asked me what I wanted for dinner last night my first reply was 'a picnic in our spot'. We have a "secret" spot where we like to go and sit. We actually got engaged there. There is a small stream, trees, a clearing to have a picnic and there is ALWAYS birdsong. It's like a fairies hideaway. Magical.

I kind of feel sorry for kids these days. They don't go on any adventures. They all seem to be cooped up indoors and pacified with a phone/video game/ tablet. If they are taken out for the day it's something that costs the earth. I got really excited the other day to see kids playing in a lake! Their bikes were on the bank and they were just laughing. Those are the kids who are going to have big smiles on their faces when they look back. No kid will ever say OMG I got to level 1000 of game XYZ in the summer of 2018! They will however look back at the days spent on the beach when Dad screamed like a girl because he thought he saw a jelly fish!

So, in short, my favourite childhood past time was just being a kid. It was free, it was fun and it created some seriously great memories. Let me know what yours were!

Much love,

Dee x

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