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Tech is amazing. WHEN it works.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

First world problems! All very FFS!

Technology is amazing - when it works. We can put a man on the moon but I can’t even use my iPhone and Mac as I need urgent security updates. Anything I use is failing and my passwords are failing too, plus now even my calendar won't work!

Yeah, I know, there are people starving in other parts of the world but right now this is the major pain in my arse right now. I've already spent 2.5HOURS on the phone to Apple to get this sorted. It turned out it wasn't their problem but they were so helpful and gave my laptop the quick once over whist they had remote access.

2019 is already given me great opportunities and goals to aim for but i'm starting to feel like a slave to technology.

A digital detox is definitely on my list of things to do and no longer will I be a slave to my computer / iPhone. I bought them - they don’t control me. It's the other way round.

I’m even write the first draft of this blog on REAL paper and with a REAL pen. It's a mix of weird and nice at the same time. I know need to save the forest and we all strive for a paper free office but sometimes we just need to step away from the screen before we scream. I have a stress monitor on my smart watch and it says my stress level is medium to high. I should't be hitting those levels whilst at my desk!

Definitely something for us all to think about. Would you like to join me on a digital detox? Pick a day/week/month and let me know how you find not having any access to anything digital. I've even bought a burner phone so I can leave the "smart" phone at home for the day.


Have a good one.

Much Love,


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