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Don't Let Other People Dull Your Sparkle

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

When we're born we're pretty much all the same. Puking-pooping-crying-eating machines. Little wrinkly balls of nothing. We then start to grown and so does our personality. We start to develop a sense of who or what we are. Who or what we become depends on both nature and nurture in my opinion. BUT ultimately it depends on what you decide to be.

You could have two identical twins. Brought up the same way, eat the same things, dress the same and one could become a saint and the other a serial killer. Nature and nurture play only to a point. As we grow we need to make choices.

It doesn't matter if we decide to we an introverted "plain Jane", or an extraverted billy big balls Bert, we all deserve to live life in a good way and have a sparkle about us. Whoever we decide to be, we all have that something special. We all have that light from within. I don't believe anyone is truly bad to the core. Souls just don't work like that, in my opinion.

So, if you're sitting there, if you're down in the dumps and you don't think you bring anything to the table, just remember you have a shining light inside you, you have a sparkle, you have a right to be alive and you were put on this earth for a reason. It may have been to discover the cure for cancer, or it may have been to help tend to the local flower garden, or teach the next generation our world history. There is something about you that the universe said "yep, it's now YOUR time to shine".

Use your time wisely. You don't have forever to enjoy this life. Shine.

Some people will try to dull your shine for a whole host of reasons. They could want attention, they could need help but show it in a negative way, they may be jealous that they haven't figured out their reason for being... That doesn't matter. What matters is that you never let them dull your sparkle and you keep shining.

Stars don't shine for you to gaze up at. They just shine because that's what stars do. Be a star in your life.

Shine bright beautiful person.

Much Love,

Dee x

Miss Make It Happen.

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