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The Sunday Set Up

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

After last week's blog, The Purge, I was asked what is it that I actually do on my Sunday afternoon planning sessions. Well, the truth is... a little that gives the return of a lot.

Let's be honest, we don't want to 'waste' our Sunday afternoons locked in the office, especially now the weather is getting warmer and we want to be sitting on the grass or on the beach.

So, this is what I do.

- Have a quick brain dump

- Build next weeks to do list

- Do the little bits on the to do list that can be done quickly (you'll be surprised how much this helps productivity)

- Clear my desk top (computer and physical desk)

- Make sure my inboxes are on zero

- Have an early night.

Brain Dumps

I never really bought into brain dumping until I started journalling before bed. Brain dumps, although they may not feel it at the time, are magical little processes that some weird and wonderful business owners do all around the world.

The process involves dumping anything you have on your mind onto a piece of paper or a digital document. Getting rid of all the crap. BUT that's not where the process ends. You then need to either let go of the stuff you don't need or decide what you want to keep and action. I get a lot of my blog ideas from my brain dumps.

Plus, the action is really good for my mental health. it gives me an idea of what I need to focus on in my life and business, keeping my sub-conscious clear and my conscious in tip top form.

To Do List

I don't care who you are or how marvellous you think your memory is, you NEED a To Do list. Without it, you have no plan. You can use a piece of paper, a special book or a system like Trello. It doesn't matter but you need to be able to see what you have on your plate.

Without a To Do List you're always double guessing yourself and having to work that poor brain extra hard. Why not give yourself and that brain a rest and have everything laid out in front of you in a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly list.

I even have a list of what phase the moon will be in on any particular day. Seriously. My mood is massively affected by the moon phases so I know, usually down to the day when i'll be less productive, when you don't want to get in my way and when i'll cry for no reason.

Once you've done this, and if you have time, do the things that can be done quickly. Action "send Bob email" rather than leaving it until tomorrow.

Clear My Desk Top

I like to keep my desk as tidy as possible on a daily basis but I always ensure that it's spotless on a Sunday, ready for the following week. It helps if you don't walk in to the office on a Monday to a stack of files or pens and paper loitering about.

This also works well with your computer desk top too. Invest in a good cloud based software to keep everything neat and tidy. There are loads on the market these days and they're not that expensive.

Keep everything safely and neatly in folders and not scattered over the screen in front of you.

Inbox ZERO

I genuinely get a sad feeling when a client sends me a picture with a little red dot on the screen or 1,087 unread emails. They do it to wind me up most of the time or to be 'hilarious' but it really does give me anxious feelings. There is no need for it!

As a VA I manage a LOT of email inboxes on a daily basis and where possible I always ensure that they hit Inbox Zero by the end of each day and especially before the start of a new week. It really will help your productivity levels and mood.

You can create a "to action" inbox, action them immediately, or mark as read and add them to your To Do list. Just make sure they get read!

Early Night

I love a good sleep. Unfortunately, unlike most people, I average 18 minutes of deep sleep a night (based on a 8-9 hour stretch of sleep) so I try to get in a good 12 hour sleep when possible. Just to give myself a fighting chance for the week ahead.

It doesn't mean you have to go to sleep at 6pm. It just means you are conscious of what your body needs. I can go to bed at 8pm, sit in bed for 2 hours reading, meditating, listening to music and then drift off listening to a sleep story on the Calm app.

I have a strict no TV policy for the bedroom. That's a sacred place for down time, sleep and bumping uglies.

So there you have it. My Sunday afternoon set up for the week ahead.

I'd love to hear what you think or what you DO so drop me a comment here or on social media!

Until Next Time,


Dee x

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