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Learn From Your Clients

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

To my clients, I'm the preferred VA or expert in what I do. I make their lives easier, create time within their lives and business and get done all the stuff that they need me to do.

They work with me because I have a proven track record and have shown them I can make them feel safe.

But over the years that i've been working with my clients and suppliers, I've realised something - They are the people I go to for advice for different aspect of my business. I'll go to Spaghetti Agency for Social Media and Marketing Help, Taz Thornton for general business and hippy shit help, Scruffymonkey or Point and Stare for website help. The list goes on.

I've been given a wonderful gift by working with such talented business owners. I get to learn from them whilst i'm working for them. How cool is that?

What and how can you learn from your clients?

- Take a genuine interest in their business.

- Read/listen/watch their content

- Listen to what they say to you in conversations

- Look at their industry and see if you can create something special for them. (Personalise package)

- Go above and beyond

- Ask questions.

Have a think about it, can your clients make you a better person, a better business owner / supplier?

I know mine do and i'm grateful every day.

Until next time,

Blessed be

Dee x

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