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Facebook is DOWN. This is not a drill.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

So, Facebook in the UK has been down for the last hour. People are losing the will to live already and it doesn't look like it's going to come back any time soon.

I've been watching it unfold live HERE.

It's taken me from yellow, to orange and now a beautiful angry red. To be fair it's followed the trend of people's tweets on Twitter. They started off as a quick "Is facebook down?" to someone losing their shit on behalf of their mum, who was just about to sit down and have a cuppa whilst catching up with 1300 people she doesn't know but has accepted a friend request from.

I had to let certain clients know what is going on and have obviously taken the time to write this blog but is it really that bad?


You could go for a walk, read a book, browse the rest of the internet, eat lunch, or just ignore it and get on with your day! Now how's that for novelty!

Stay cool people, it'll be back and working soon.

Until Next Time,

Blessed Be

Dee x

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