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F*ck It, It's The Weekend.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I tend to work most weekends.

I always have done.

I'll catch up with working ON my business or get ahead of the game for the up and coming week but for the last 2 weeks I've thrown caution to the wind and headed off for the weekend to different parts of the UK and partied like it was 1999.

The first weekend was a bit stressful. I really felt naughty and weird about the whole situation.

  • Will everything fall apart?

  • Should I check my emails?

  • Does something need doing?

  • Will I get behind?

  • Will I be able to catch up if Monday is super busy?

The truth was no one needed me urgently, everything was fine waiting until Monday, Yes I was super busy the following week but I'm good at what I do and smashed it out of the park, I have enough systems in place now to ensure that I can have weekends off and not have to worry.

I'll stick to my planning and purge rituals for Sunday night but apart from that, I may start taking every weekend. In fact, I may start looking into a 4-day week...

As self-employed people, it's important that we completely step away from our business. I know it's your baby but that thing you've created is actually a monster that can and will destroy you if you don't take time out to live life.

Look back over the last 6 months and honestly look at how many days you've been completely switched off from your business. 100%. No checking emails, no tinkering, no "just quickly", absolute zero contact. I bet, if you're like me, it'll be very close to zero.

I need to change that. WE need to change that. And it's really simple if you sit down and put your business structure out on a piece of paper. If you dissect and look at your structure and systems.

In fact, I've done this so I not only know it works but I've put new procedures in place where I'll not only be enjoying a 3rd weekend on a row without working but it's going to be a THREE day weekend! I'm off to Go-Ape with two dear friends/clients to do some stuff in trees that people our age probably shouldn't be doing. Tena Ladies at the ready, girls. I'm sure there will be some awesome videos and pictures for you to watch on social media.

If you want to talk about structures and taking the weekend off, hit me up. I'm more than happy to go through some stuff with you.

Until Next Time,

Blessed Be,

Dee x

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