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I. Am. Me

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I. AM. ME.

To my family I am someone.

To my friends I am another.

I wear many hats and I am one person.

I can be loving, I can be an arsehole.

I can be moody, I can be hilarious.

I am a rock, I crumble.

I've had my heart broken in times of weakness, I have picked up the pieces in times of strength.

I am charitable, I hate sharing.

I'm a good person, I am a bad person.

I am a lover, I am a fighter.

I've been proud of myself and i've been ashamed

I've done great things and things I wish I could forget.

I like to be alone, i like to be the centre of attention.

I like people to think I have a heart of stone, I just want to be cuddled and loved.

I will hold your hand in times of trouble whilst looking away to hide my own tears.

I sacrifice for others, I am selfish.

I am the definition of contradiction.

I am....a lot of things, I am one thing.

I. AM. ME.

Through all my strengths, weaknesses, pros, cons, successes and failures, I try to be true to me.

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