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It's not always an attack!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Did you know that it's not always a racist, sexist, homophobic, religious attack? Some people are just arseholes and deserve a kick in the butt! Why on earth do we always have to look for an excuse for someone being bad? Maybe the person is just a bad egg. It has nothing to do with their race, religion, colour or geographical location. We all know - White men can't jump or every black guy is going to mug your gran, right? wrong! We've started to build these stupid social stereotypes that make everyone seem the same as their similar looking counterpart. I'm from East London. In my little corner of London we joke that if you're 30, have a job and no kids, then you are weird. Jeez, If you hit 20 without getting knocked up you're doing well. It's not the greatest of places any more but wow, does it come with a lot of history. Anyway, back to my point. Why do we need to put people in to a group before hating on them? It is our stupidity of doing this that allows our media to scare monger. If you sit and think for 2 seconds before declaring all Muslims terrorists, you'll realise how ridiculous it all sounds. Let's all make a pact right now, if someone is an arse - you can say mean stuff. If they are not - then don't. Actually, don't be mean to anyone, it only fuels their idiotic behaviour and creates ripple effects for other people. Karma - be diamond in the rough. If we're all nice, the world will improve. Not only for us, but for future generations. Think before you start to tar people with the same brush. Not all white people support the KKK, not all germans are nazis, Not all muslims are terrorists, etc etc - you get the picture. If you have to judge, judge a person on their direct relationship to how they treat YOU and for the love of cheese, realise that the media are just trying to sell stories so will exaggerate!

Let me know what kind things you've seen or done this week! I've love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Dee x

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