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VA's - Not Cheap But Worth The Money

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Let's get straight to the point, a good Virtual Assistant is NOT going to be cheap. Even if they are new to the industry, they should be bringing with them an eclectic wealth of experience and knowledge from previous jobs and life experiences.

I came into the VA arena with well over 10 years experience in the Recruitment Industry, years of physical networking experience across the UK, not to mention the online networking, and almost half a decades experience as a business owner myself. I'd been put through my paces, worked the long hours, been battered and bruised yet still came out the other side willing to fight for me, my business, and my clients.

A good VA will be able to do a job faster than you can. Not because they can type fast (although that helps), but we tend to not get distracted by things that are going on around us. Let's take blogging for example. You'll need to research and write the blog, create the graphic, upload to your site. Just the same as me. BUT unlike you I have no emotional connection to your business or what else is going on around me when I log on to your website to upload the blog. I don't care what your stats are like, I don't care if your last blogs SEO has a green or red dot, I don't care if people have commented. I'm the elite squad. I'm going in and out before anyone knows I was there. YOU on the other hand want to know about your stats, want to read your comments, may even pop over to Facebook whilst you're online, like a friends posts, now you're 326 cat videos down on YouTube and you've lost half the day.

It's ok, you can laugh because it's true. Since starting to write this blog i've had 2 Facebook notifications that i "HAD" to check. I wouldn't have looked if I was writing for a client but because this is MY time, I allowed myself to get distracted. This job has now taken longer than expected because i'm wearing my business owner hat and not he hat of an elite VA.

So why are we worth our pennies?

VA's manage to get LOTS done in a small amount of time. A new client I on-boarded had a set budget. He'd given me a list of things that he thought he could do in that time. Turns out I could do them in less than half the time he thought so he'd only spent half of his budget. He even questioned the first invoice I'd sent him to make sure I hadn't got it wrong. It was right. I, and like any good VA, will work like this. Mainly because we're good at what we do but also because we're honest. I could have EASILY upped the amount on the invoice and he wouldn't have batted an eyelid.

What to ask when taking on a VA

- Their work history

- What experience do they have on doing the tasks you require?

- Have they worked with your industry before?

- How long they have been a VA?

- How they charge (VA's have different ways of charging - task, project, bundle, hourly)

I am always open to these types of questions. If a VA can't answer these questions quickly and honestly, then you need to ask yourself why. You and your growing business deserves someone who can give you the best service possible when YOU need it. The VA is here to make your life easier, not the other way round.

There are a LOT of people who don't want to work with me for one reason or another. I'm cool with that because there are lot's who do. In the same way there are people and businesses that I will refuse to work with. When I first started out I worked with anyone who would work with me, I soon got bit on the butt. Just like any other business owner, a VA will (or should) have business ethics and values. If the VA and the client's don't match, it's going to be a waste of everyones time and money.

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Dee x

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