Don't take our word for it! 

Dee is absolutely awesome. She's everything a VA should be and MUCH MORE. She asks the right questions, has opinions when you need them, and pushes back when she should. I don't want to recommend her because then everyone else will use her services and I want to keep her all to myself. She's ace. 
Jo Ciriani – Spaghetti Agency 
(Originally on FB) 
I know Dee from 4Networking and I have always heard great things about her and the work she does from others. Anyway an emergency came up, as both myself & a colleague had booked holiday at the same time without realising!! great planning. 
I was looking at a number of people to cover running my co-working space, @Work Hubs, and it was proving to be a nightmare. One call to Dee and it was all sorted and she jumped in immediately. Visited the next day to get instructions and then started the next week. 
I came back from holiday and everything had been taken care of perfectly and all the members were happy 'campers' (may be I should go away more often). 
I now know that when I need to go away that MMIH will be able to take care of things, which is such a huge comfort as business owner that there is someone you can completely trust to take care of things. 
So if you need something taking care of in your business, then MMIH is who you should contact. 
Thanks Dee you're a star. 
Philip Dodson - @WorkHubs 
(via email) 
I was aware of Dee's reputation for getting things done and making things happen long before I actually used her services. I was at the stage of working a full-time job whilst trying to set up my coaching practice and I was struggling to do everything in my business by myself. I had previously been a VA myself so I was very particular about who I wanted to work with and what I wanted them to do for me. Dee totally 'got' me and my vision from day one and it's fair to say I would not have achieved half of what I've done without her assistance and support. Working with Dee really is a 'no brainer'. And the best bit - she's not afraid to tell you if she thinks you're going totally off-piste or about to mess things up! I love that she's not a 'yes-woman'. 
Deb Morgan – Not A Rehearsal 
(Originally on LInkedIn) 
When I started looking at getting a VA to help me I had no idea what I needed. I was told by a friend to chat with Dee, on our phone call we talked about what she could do to help, how much it would cost and what I could expect from her. To be blatantly honest she saved me money from day 1. She took over tasks that I was rubbish at and made them look easy. She has always stayed well under our agreed monthly budget and delivered above and beyond. Thank you Dee, you're awesome you are. 
Paul Newton – Magician, Speaker, Trainer. 
(originally on linkedin) 
Dee Atkins saves my life every week. She’s my right hand woman when it comes to #AwesomeSauce and #TheTazvocate. She’s also ridiculously available, even when I know she’s up to her eyeballs, and stupidly good value. 
I should probably do some coaching with her and encourage her to put her prices up, but then I’d be really shooting myself in the foot and I don’t want to ruin my jazzy, pink trainers! 
Seriously though, Dee Atkins is the VA to rule all VAs. She’s top of the tree. Utterly, utterly awesomely brilliant. 
Hire her immediately. 
Actually, that’s wrong. Please DON’T hire Dee, or your business will start to look as good as mine and I’ll have to level up again. 
Thank you. Thank you for NOT hiring Dee Atkins and helping to keep me looking awesome! 
#UnleashYourAwesome (just not with Dee!) 
Taz Thornton – Taz Thornton Ltd 
(Originally on FB) 
I was very lucky to get to know and work along side the amazing Dee Atkins during my UK - 2014 Business Trip (coming from Sydney, Australia). 
During "The Business Show" and beyond I worked along side Dee in many high pressure, fast paced and busy situations. 
At all times she was as cool as ice, dedicated, focus, didn't miss a beat and was a brilliant leader and manager. 
Dee Atkins is awesome so hire her right now! 
Edward Zia – Excellence Above with Edward Zia 
(Originally on FB) 
Dee is simply awesome, if you’re looking for a VA who really does get things done look no further. I can’t say enough good things the fact she has experience running her own business means she knows where you need help with yours. Above all that she’s funny enthusiastic really good company and loyal. What you waiting for!! 
Carla Hutchison – GetItBrandedUK 
(Originally on LInkedIn) 
'Dee is truly amazing, She has helped me with some really tricky stuff that has saved me both time and money. She is reliable, friendly and really good tasks that I often just don't want to do or don't know where to start. She is that right-hand woman we all need as we just can't do it all!' 
Wendy Capewell – The Relationship Specialist 
(via email) 

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