It started with Dee and now there are 3! The pod, that’s hippo talk for team, are a great bunch. They’re a bit quirky, very nerdy, a little bit woowoo and most importantly brilliant at what they do. 
It’s probably best we let them introduce themselves... 

Dee Atkins Head Hippo 

Hi, I’m Dee, Head Hippo here at MMIH. I started MMIH in 2014 and have been through some serious ups and downs. But that’s business, right? I’m so proud of where we are today and I’m so proud of my pod for helping me take this company to the next level. Here are some things that will help you get to know me; 
I’m no use to anyone unless I have had a cup of tea. 
My job may involve a LOT of people but I’m really not a people person (ISTJ personality type) 
I’m a natural born healer and empath. I can feel people’s pain through my hands. 
I have an affinity with animals. In fact, Mike calls me Dr Deelittle. 
I’m stubborn and won’t be told I can’t do something. 
I love being outside, creating craft things and doing stuff with my hands. 
I LOVE systems, processes, organisation and compartmentalising things. 
I look after all the client facing work whilst the rest of the pod looks after all things MMIH. It’s an amazing relief that after so long I am able to surround myself with people I can trust. 

Róisín Duffy The Head Hippo’s VA! 

Hi, I’m Róisín. I met Dee whilst working for a mutual client, and we just seemed to get each other. Here’s a few things about me that you may not know; 
Coffee is life. Don't expect anything from me until 2 cups are consumed. 
I'm a gym nut. Mainly because food is also life. 
I still have my Irish accent after 20 years away. My daughters troll me epically on this. 
Despite being an atheist, I'm learning how to read tarot cards. 
I'm a social introvert and an optimist cynic. Basically, I'm a massive contradiction 
Relationships and loyalty over business and targets any day. 
I am very excited to be part of the MMIH pod. I’m currently working behind the scenes at MMIH but this is eventually evolve into a customer facing roll. 

Mike FitzGerald The Man Hippo. 

Hi, I’m Mike. I met Dee whilst networking in 2011. I’m not sure what I did wrong but we’re now engaged to be married. (Send help!). I would describe myself as handsome, intelligent, hardworking, and hilarious. Others describe me as delusional. Things about me; 
I’m a long term gamer. #TeamXbox 
I’m into anime and comics 
I play bass guitar in a band called Kings Without Countries 
I love music. I cannot go a day without listening to or writing music 
I enjoy meditation and following Buddhism 
I truly believe I was put on this Earth to help others. 
It’s great to work behind the scenes at MMIH. My background is in sales so not only have I upped the skills of Miss Make It Happen herself, but I’m also currently in charge of rebranding podcasts and all things visual and musical. Watch this space for the relaunch of The MMIH Show (Podcast), a brand-new YouTube channel and… Oh, apparently, I’ve said too much… #WatchThisSpace 
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