I know, I know. Outsourcing is scary. 

Really scary! I get it. 
I spent almost 15 years in the recruitment industry and every day I had to put my reputation in someone else’s hands. I had to hope they were going to do a good job so that I knew I had done a good job. 
100s of people a day, working under my name. Argh! 
This was one of the reasons why, when I started MMIH, I wanted to make it easy on YOU, my client. 
This wasn’t about me anymore. It’s about you, your business and how we can work together to make your business not only run seamlessly but also have the potential for growth. 
Let me be honest here, I never started out planning to help businesses grow. I had no intention on implementing systems and building procedures that push people forward. It’s something I fell in to and it turned out that it’s something I’m good at. 
I have no intention on growing my business to be some multi-level, multimillion-pound business. I like what I am, and I love my team. BUT I also love helping people grow their businesses. 
So, yes, MMIH can help you with your day to day tasks, admin, scheduling, researching and virtual filing but we can also help you grow. 
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