Accountability and Me
It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or how good you are at doing it. We all have those days where we would like to hide in bed with a tub of ice cream and Netflix rather than face the ever growing 'to do' list. 
That's ok. We all do it. And do you know what? I actively encourage my clients to partake in a "F*ck It" Day. A day every now and then that revolves around them and what makes them happy. No work, no tasks, no people. Just them, in their PJs, doing nothing. 
As business owners, or just people in general, we have this weird obsession with keeping busy. We have to be going something or we're seen as lazy. I'd much rather go out and spend the day with my friends and family. That doesn't mean i'm work shy. I usually do most of my work in the evenings so it looks like, to the outside world, that i'm not busy every day. Chances are I probably work more than the average person when you break down the hours, I just do my work when no one is looking. 
The problem with "keeping busy" is we usually try to look busy but we aren't getting stuff done. So last year I started having weekly or monthly catch ups with people. These virtual get togethers helped boost my productivity, and i've been told the productivity of those involved has improved too. There is nothing quite as terrifying as when your peers ask you how project X is getting on when you've been "busy" on social media all week. 
I started to realise that, although i'm good at what I do, I can sometimes wander off and get distracted from my goals. Again, perfectly normal, but not always useful when you're planning world domination. So plans were made, research was undertaken and I finally found a formula to help both myself and other people stay on track and productive. It's as simple as being accountable to someone. 
Why not find an accountability buddy or *cough* hit me up for information on my 'OMG! Accountability course'. 
Yeah yeah, I know. #BuyMyStuff. My blog, my rules 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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