Are Your Decisions Causing Bad Karma?
I was out shopping a few weeks back and my phone pinged. It was a Wednesday evening. I know this because I’d dumped all the excess Amazon boxes in the garden for collection by the recycling people the next day. 
“Your order has been delivered. Package was handed to resident.” 
That’s funny because me and the person who live in my house are currently standing next to each other in a shopping centre miles away from home. 
I ping Amazon a message to tell them I think there’s been a mistake and ask them to check where it was delivered as we’re not home. They assure me, it has been delivered and I should ask my neighbours and check the garden when I get home. 
I tell them my account has a note on it that they should not leave my parcel ANYWHERE because, let’s be honest, I live in East London and most of my neighbours are d!ckhead$. 
2 hours later, I get home. Nothing posted, nothing in the garden, neighbours have said no, and there’s no sign of a parcel anywhere. 
I ping Amazon another message. They assure me it’s fine and the driver probably pressed delivered by mistake. They ask me to give them 48 hours to see if it turns up, if not, we’ll look at sorting a refund/replacement. I agree. 
Next morning I’m laying in bed and I’m thinking about what’s happened. 
Amazon boxes. 
Amazon Boxes. 
I jump out of bed and head for the pile of amazon boxes ready to be taken off by the recycling team. There was my delivery. All wet, soggy, and cold. They’d camouflaged my Amazon delivery with old Amazon boxes! 
I contacted Amazon and explained that the book was water damaged but I *think* the headphones and meat thermometer are ok, but I won’t know what damage has been caused because of the cold/wet. 
The customer service representative instantly said this shouldn’t have happened, my account clearly has delivery instructions on, and the driver made an error. They gave me a refund for all 3 items, sent me a new book, and told me to keep the originals too. 
I even received an email from Amazon to say thanks for being nice and kind and that they were sorry. 
The next day, the universe introduced me to a new client. That’s my good Karma for being honest. 
I could have easily lied and kept the items and got a full refund but it just didn’t sit well with me. Something told me to tell the truth and it worked out much better than expected. 20-year-old me, would have probably tried her luck but there was no peace in that decision for me. I chose to be honest and I was rewarded. 
Now, who do I ring to tell I wasn’t a winner of the Lotto on Saturday? Maybe they’ll give me the jackpot? 
Are you making good choices? Are you being honest? 
The universe is watching and I genuinely believe that. 
Let me know how your karma is going. 
Until next time. 
Much love, 
Dee x 
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