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I've been doing what I do for about 4 years now but I've been who I am since I was born. In order for my life to be stress free (as possible), I need systems and organisation. Now this doesn't mean i'm always tidy. I often have a pile of washing that needs doing, or a pile of clean clothes sitting on a chair that needs putting away. I know that the washing and clean clothes form part of a system so it rarely stresses me out. 
If however, there is a sock left on the floor in the living room, then I tend to think about that sock a lot. It's not meant to be there so the system is broken. 
The same happens with work. I have approximately 10.265 BILLION systems depending on who I am working with or where I am working. I have a tendency to change client systems to suit me too. It's a bad habit but being an only child - I know best 😉 
Below are some systems and tips I use on a regular basis to ensure that my life keeps ticking along nicely. 
WRITE EVERY THING DOWN - You won't remember it later, don't kid yourself. Even super brains will forget things. It's better to write down too many notes then not enough. I have a fall back plan for when I have epileptic seizures. I have a 'To-do' list and a 'done list'. So if I finish a task, I cross it off the 'to do' list and transfer it on to the 'done' list. Belt and braces. 
KEEP YOUR WORK SPACE CLEAN - Organised chaos is cool. Throughout the day i'm a big pile of files, screwed up bits of paper, note pads and post-it notes. But at the end of every day, I tidy my stuff up. I signals the end of the work day and allows me to jump in to work the next day. Have you ever looked at your desk of a morning and seen yesterdays tea/coffee, a bottle of water, torn up notes, and yesterdays 'to do' list everywhere? It's not going to get you in the best mindset, is it? Now swap that for a clear desk and fresh cuppa tea - now you're talking! #DeskPorn. 
BE REALISTIC! I have a "full capacity" at around 80-90% - Thats when i'll stop taking on new clients. So, my clients generally take up 80% of my day. This means that not only do I have time to work on my own business but if a problem or emergency comes up, it doesn't stress me out as much. Because I have already made time for the emergency. 
TIDY YOUR BEDROOM - I know I probably sound like your mum when you were a teen and I know this may sound weird but your bedroom isn't that far away from your office. You take your brain between the two. Likelihood is, you'll be thinking about work when you're trying to sleep. This is a common problem. I find that having a clean and tidy bedroom helps me to sleep too. Some lavender scents, clean sheets and cool air (I sleep with my window open all year, even if it's -5), will work wonders. If however you have lots going on, it'll be more distracting for you. 
That's it. That's all you're getting for now. 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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