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I love to learn. 
I always have. 
I loved school and I’m definitely one of those nerds who tell the younger generations “it’s the best time of your life”. 
I’ve been educated at school, at home, online, through onsite apprenticeships and I’m always seeking out new things to learn for fun and for growth. 
I’ve lost count of the times the other half has asked me “have you seen this before?” when we’re watching a quiz show on the TV. In fact, it’s caused a few arguments as I’m quite proud of my learnings and I take offence to his, albeit jokingly, question. 
In the past I did an electrical engineering apprenticeship with Fords Motor Company. I’m not allowed to drive but I can rewire your house. I’ve learned reiki, as healing is oh so natural to me. I’m currently learning content writing and proofing via an online course. 
I’m not great at exams and to be honest they really freak me out and give me anxiety but I always do my best and so far, I’ve been ‘lucky’. 
In 2021 I was doing an online course with Harvard University. HarvardX is Harvard Universities online learning initiative. 
I got some great news. I passed! 94% baby! 
*My certificate ID has been removed from this picture on purpose. 
I never got the chance to go to Uni and it was always one of my biggest regrets that I let someone else control my life to such an extent that I gave up my dream of further education. But that may very well be changing again in 2023... watch this space.  
This course was for Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies. Something I take a personal interest in. It was actually quite difficult as they use big words. That adds a whole new level of difficulty for me as an East London girl who was educated at the local comprehensive school. It’s hard enough learning something new but even harder when you have to stop every now and then to google the meaning of a word. 
In fact, if me and the other half are talking/arguing, sometimes I have to stop him mid flow and ask him to explain the big words he used so I can keep up with the discussion/argument. He’s a bit posher than me so he did things like Latin, politics and skiing at school. I didn’t even get to go to Trewern. 
Do you love to learn? Are you currently doing any courses? I’d love to hear about your stories of learning. Let me know what you’ve achieved in your life! And FYI The university of Life is a good a school as any other. 
Dee x 
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