Getting and Staying Organised Within Your Business.
Getting organised is one thing, but do you ever find that staying organised is the pain that just keeps giving? Well, you're not alone. Even the most organised people sometimes need reminding on how to keep the train on the track. 
Here are my 7 tips on getting and staying organised. 

Treat Yourself Like A Client. 

I see so many people pushing their to-do list to one side when new client work comes in. Writing that weekly blog or updating your social media can wait because there are more 'important things' to do. By being inconsistent and neglecting your business, you're doing more harm than good. I schedule my work for my business amongst my client work. Both are equally important. It took me years to realise this, and it meant that there would usually be two outcomes - It wouldn't get done, or it'd get done in the evening or weekend. So now I organise ALL work into a timeframe that I want to work. 

Be Honest With Yourself. 

This one is a biggy. When scheduling work into your day or week, are you honest about how long things will take? Do you even know how long something will take you? If you sat there and thought about how long each of your tasks would take, could you give me a solid answer, or would you give me a guesstimate? Be honest with yourself and give yourself enough time to finish the task, make a cuppa, and have a wee! This brings me to my next point. 

Use A Timer. 

Knowing how long your regular tasks take is a great way to get organised for the week ahead. Guessing is going to cause you problems down the line. Do you think that blog will be written, proofed and uploaded in 20 minutes? Or is it going to be closer to 60? Timing yourself gives you a better understanding of how you use your precious time. I recommend Toggl. I've been using them for years. 

Plan Ahead. 

Living day by day is great, but it can become overwhelming when things start to pile up quickly. Knowing what you have ahead over the following days, weeks, and months will ensure you can stay organised when you get busier, or life throws you a curve ball. I like to plan from Day 1 onwards and from <insert event> back to Day 1. For example, If I'm on holiday, I'll plan backwards to ensure I meet all deadlines. I'll speak to clients, preempt work that will need to be done, schedule in advance and try to ensure that I'm not buried under a pile of work two days before my flight. 

Learn To Say No. 

Learning to say no to people is hard. I'm not naturally a people person, but I am a people pleaser. Over the years, this 'Yes, Sir!' mentality has increased my stress levels, disrupted my organised week and left me exhausted. So, now, I tell people no. Partners, Clients, Friends, and Family will all be told no if my week is planned, and I feel their request would just add too much to my plate. I'm not talking about becoming unflexible and militant all the time but saying no to those little "Could you just..." requests, when you're busy will help you stay on top of things. 

Prioritise YOUR workload. 

This one always scares people because this is where you have to explain to your clients that although they need something done NOW, it may not be a priority for you. If you are working to a deadline and are jam-packed for the day, telling people their new tasks cannot be done today is essential. No job should ever affect your physical/mental health, and giving someone an alternative time and completion date that suits you is also perfectly reasonable. You are (probably) a business owner in your own right. You are a service provider. You are not someone's slave. 

Keep The Office Clean! 

Clear space equals a lean mind and all that. Make sure that you're keeping your head and office clear of rubbish, distractions and mess. At the end of every week, pack everything away, file all the paper into their files, clean up your desktop, discard that cup of tea hiding behind your monitor, and empty the bin. Monday morning you will thank Friday night you for it. 
I could go on here and tell you to write a to-do list, block out your diary, set goals, track goals, and all sorts of everyday organisational tips, but I have got those covered in other blogs, but if you'd like more suggestions or you need a more 1-2-1 approach then get in touch. 
Until next time. 
Dee x 
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