Hello 2020. See you next year, Santa.
Wow, what a first week back! 
I did what I said I'd do and actually took Christmas off. I really enjoyed myself. I slept until 2pm most days, I ate lots, saw my friends, chilled out, read a book (or two) and just allowed my body to do exactly what it needed. 
A couple things I noticed about taking time off. I discovered that I need 10 hours sleep a night. I allowed my brain to turn off and on when it liked and for almost 2 weeks I managed to get 10 hours a night. It was FAB-U -LOUS. The other thing I noticed was that people around me are so used to me working that it made them 'uncomfortable' when I don't. Family and friends kept asking if I was ok, Why wasn't I working?, and asking when I was going back to work. It was quite funny to see their faces when I would explain i'm not going back until 6th January. This kind of time off isn't my 'usual protocol' and people were freaking out. 
I thought losing nearly half a months income would freak me out but it didn't. I can honestly say I really didn't care. I'd made enough to cover myself without dipping into savings and that was that. In fact, I may even decide to take a week or so off during the year too. Like, do one of those things on the airplane... Holy... holi... Holidays? That's it. I think I shall take mid-year holidays too! I'll start off with more long weekends... 
So, first week back... Absolute shock to the system. I was rested, prepared, organised and ready to go on Sunday 5th January. I was fresh and excited to be back. By 2pm on Monday the 6th I was in need of a nap. I'd had enough and I needed to sleep. It was all great but my body just wasn't used to the amount of work that was required. So, I switched off. Yep. First day back and I was already pulling a half day. Guess what, no one noticed! No one died, no one kicked off, no one told em I was bad at my job, or taking the piss. It was all cool. 
Going in to 2020, I want you to think about your health and how much weight you put on your shoulders. I reckon we all add too much unnecessary weight to the load. We MUST do the minimum 8 hours, we must be there 24/7, the work must be done immediately. It's all crap. 
My challenge for you this year really is to #BeMoreHippo. Head down, charge forward, do what is needed and just chill out in a mud bath for the rest of the day. I bet you get more done. 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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