I'm not two faced, I'm a professional
I work with a lot of people. Those clients work with a lot of people. My network is fairly big. Sometimes I'm forced to work with people I don't like. Occasionally, I have to talk to people I despise. 
I have had conversations with my friends about people who zap my energy, are knob heads, or just bore the granny out of me, and the next day a client will ask me to contact that exact person to do XYZ with or for them. *insert facepalm emoji*. Thanks Universe! 
I'll contact that person and they'll never know my personal opinions of them. I'll put on my professional smiley face and i'll get the job done. Some people will see that as being two faced. I just see it as doing my job and getting it done well. 
Even in social settings, I am surrounded by people who I day-dream about punching in the face, but i'll be civil and smile if we're forced together at a function. Again, this is not being two-faced. This is being an adult. 
I'm sure we all have an imaginary hit list of people we'd like to go all Reservoir Dogs on, right? But as long as we don't act on it (that parts very important), and we can keep a smile on our face, I don't see the problem with a little venting about people we'd hope never to get stuck on an airplane for 8 hours with. 
I'm sure I'm on lots of hit lists. If not, I must try harder. We can't please all of the people, all of the time. Let's be honest, it's much more fun to poke people with a stick. (Remember, just don't PHYSICALLY do it!) 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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