I'm taking back what is rightfully mine
I’d like to think I’m a half glass full kind of girl. But just like everyone else, I have days where I just think fuck it all. I’m entitled to those days. We all are. 
Looking back over my life I can see I have been so lucky. I’ve been given great opportunities, worked hard for things and had lots of adventures, not to mention meeting wonderful people in amazing countries. 
In the grand scheme of things I am blessed, and I know it. 
But sometimes I want to scream. 
Scream for the things stolen from me. 
Scream at the things lost through no fault of my own. 
From the dietary restrictions that were made because of medication I’m forced to inject to keep my bones healthy enough to keep me from becoming wheelchair bound. 
To the inability to do certain things due to it being “unsafe for epileptics”. 
Knowing that thanks to an autoimmune disease my chance of seeing a ripe old age has been stolen. 
My grandparents stolen so young. 
A pain free 'normal' body, hijacked and stolen. 
But I’ve realised none of that matters now. Because none of that can be changed. 
Now, I’ve become the thief. It’s time for me to steal back the things I can. The days with friends laughing whilst laying in the grass. 
The nights sat with family, laughing about things we’ve done together over the years. 
I’m stealing days to have adventures and make more memories. To spend time on my own and with people that love me and I love in return. 
I’m stealing back my life. 
One day at a time. You joining me? 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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