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December tends to be the time when businesses, and people in general, start to wind down. 
Christmas is coming so we ditch the gym for cocktails with friends. We ditch healthy eating because "it's Christmas". We ditch productivity because "no one works properly at Christmas". 
Don't all send your death threats at once BUT... Christmas is ONE day. I'll give you 4 days if you want to include Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. 
To be transparent, I'm a bit of a GRINCH! 
What would happen if we decided to turn December into DOcember? 
What if we decide to #BeMoreHippo this month instead. 
In order to #BeMoreHippo you're going to need to give yourself a kick up the rump. I've decided, for the first time in FOREVER that I'm taking the week off over Xmas. It's been a horrible 18 months at points and I deserve some time to myself. So, it's now time for the final push. I shall be; 
- Working normal / slightly extended hours until December 23rd. 
- Planning for January, 3months, 6months, 12months 
- Working on TWO secret projects that you'll find out about early in 2020. 
- PURGING not just my office but the house too. 
- Doing the Winter Clean. (It's like a spring clean but I make sure everything sparkles before I begrudgingly put up the Christmas tree). 
- Have client meetings and catch up with all my clients to ensure we're going into the new year with everything we need. 
- I'll be sticking to my new healthy lifestyle (I follow Fit As Fork) until I clock off on 23rd December. 
- I'll still be walking / Gyming / Cycling 
- I'll be at a training course 
- I'll be studying. 
This year i've plodded a bit but next year I'm going to be fit, ready and ready to smash it like a hippo smashes a watermelon. There will also be some exciting collaborations coming soon too! 
This blog is not about 'look at me, i'm so perfect', far from it. I would love if if you'd join me on a last push so we can all have the last week off to enjoy for ourselves. I want everyone reading this to have the best 2020 possible. I want the best for you, I want you to have adventures and smiles and look back in 50 years and say 'Wow, do you remember the start of the 20's, they rocked'. 
I want you to be part of my herd. I want us all to #BeMoreHippo. 
So, who is with me? 
Let's do this! 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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