Losing yourself in business
Being a Virtual Assistant can get confusing at times, especially when you’re just starting out and if your client base is eclectic. 
My average day includes being a well-spoken Personal Assistant for an Accountants, then I switch to a bubbly “hey, hun” Customer Service Assistant for a clothing brand, then I don my cowgirl boots and it’s all “Howdy Partner” and “YEEHAA” for a Marketing Agency. I do this for 10’s of client throughout the days and week. These ‘personalities’ aren’t necessary in hour chunks and set out throughout the day. Sometimes, I have to switch who I am at the drop of a hat and then switch it back again. 
You’ll find that becomes second nature after a while. You’ll juggle your personalities like you juggle your tasks, like a pro. But until then, I want you remember that YOU are the most important person or personality that you have. 
Remembering who you are as a person, and even a brand in your own business, can sometimes get lost along the way. My story includes completely losing who I was which ultimately lead to mental health issues and a counsellor telling me I was close to being sectioned. 
Now, I’m not saying that this would happen to you or that being a VA was what completely lead to my breakdown, but it certainly helped, or didn’t help, depending on what way you look at it. 
These days, I’ve created time for ME as a person and I also make sure I have time to work on me and my business too. It helps keep me grounded. Lot’s of people know me as Miss Make It Happen and I’m always getting tagged in hippo related posts on the internet. These tags bring me back to my core. 
Last Friday, I needed to take the afternoon off. I got to the stage where I was lost in the whirlwind. I recognised the signs that I was tired and that I was overworked. I did everything that had to be done and then I took the rest of the day off. It was lovely. No one died and my clients were happy for me. In fact, most of them encouraged me to go rest/have fun. 
I love working for lots of different companies and I love the variety in my work. I genuinely wouldn’t change it for the world but I’m still conscious of not losing myself within the other personalities I portray throughout the day, or not losing myself in someone else's dream. 
Are you at risk of losing yourself in a job that you love? 
Have a think about it for a minute… 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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