Smashed it! Hippos and heights
Last Friday I took the day off and I went to Go Ape in Woburn with a couple of my friends / clients Taz and Asha. We were having a team building day plus a good old catch up! It was long over due. 
Anyone that knows me will know I am PETRIFIED of heights and suspension cables. So it makes sense that I would want to go to somewhere where you're up a great height with only suspension cables to support me, right? Right. Wrong. 
I have convinced myself that it was all going to be ok. It wasn't going to be THAT high and that I could do this. 
Fuck me. It was terrifying. My heart rate monitor hit a high of 160 odd, WHILST I WASN'T EVEN MOVING. This was fear like I'd never known. 
The starter wire in stage 1 is about 8-10 foot off the ground and nausea and heart palpitations have already starting kicking in. This was NOTHING compared to what was to come. During stage one you're offered the chance to leave and get a full refund. Me being the stubborn hippo I am, kept plodding along. 
By stage 4, I was in tears. Literally. 100,000 foot up a tree (slight exaggeration there), hugging it for dear life and crying. I may have told Taz to 'fuck off' too. Sorry about that, it was the fear talking. Nothing quite prepares you for facing your biggest fear head on. It doesn't matter how much you shout over the voices in your head or tell yourself you CAN do it. When you're in the position where you no longer have a choice, there is no going back. You become crippled with fear. All logic goes out of the window. 
I'll be honest, I've never been so happy to hit the ground when I took part in the final zip wire (funnily enough I really enjoyed them). 
I learnt a lot that day. That I can trust my friends when they're trying to guide me to safety. That I can conquer my fears. That I am soooo much stronger that I give myself credit for. 
I thoroughly recommend Go Ape if you're looking for a fun day out or to conquer your fear of heights. On the back of this trip we're now looking at doing the fastest zip wire in the world, in Wales... *rolls eyes* Will I never learn? Oh and Tough Mudder has been booked for my birthday... 
If you're looking to step out of your comfort zone, do it in a BIG way. I'd love to hear about your fears and what you're doing to overcome them. 
Here's a slow mo video of my final landing... Enjoy! 
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