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OK, so this may be a strange one. Why would I tell you to stop reading before bed? 
Well, I’m not. I’m telling you to stop reading books that inspire and motivate you before bed. Fiction and some biographies are ok. They allow your brain to unwind and get you ready to slip off to the land of nod. 
Business, self-help, motivational books on the other hand, get the brain excited. How many times have you tucked yourself up in bed, reading a good business / self-help book and suddenly, you’re wide awake, writing things down, coming up with ideas on how you’re going to tame your chimp, grow your following on Instagram or suddenly thinking you need to buy a new diary/planner/highlighter on Amazon because “TOMORROW WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD”. 
I used to a nightmare for this. In fact, up until 3 weeks ago, if I’m completely honest, I was still doing this myself. This very idea came to me recently and I thought it was so obvious/not obvious that I’d share it with you too. 
When someone points it out, it’s obvious. Why would I want to get ‘work excited’ when I’m in bed? Well, I don’t. But because no one has ever pointed this out to me before, I kept on reading. I bet, now you’re thinking about it too, you’ve done the same. 
You’ll probably then ask yourself the same question as I asked myself after my mind-blowing discovery… “So, when do I read the self-help / motivation books?”. If you’re like me, you’re busy for most of the day, you’re getting up early enough already and won’t be setting the alarm any earlier under any circumstances and you haven’t got the time anywhere else in the day. 
That’s where better planning comes into the situation. There are probably lots of gaps in the day where you can squeeze in some motivational reading: 
Before you start work – Can you read whilst you’re having your morning coffee and porridge? 
During your lunch break – If you’re not taking 30 minutes for your lunch, we need to talk. You’ll work better if you step away from the computer for 30 minutes. 
Actively time block some reading time – Carve out some time in your week to read during ‘office hours’. It’s technically work, so no need to feel guilty. 
Whilst you’re cooking dinner - Rather than staring at the TV whilst you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, learn something new and stick your nose in a book. 
In the evening or at weekends - Instead watching a soap or reality TV show, stick your nose in a book. Did you know the average person watches 2.86 hours of TV per day! That’s 20 hours a week! 
Let me know if you agree with my thoughts or not? Do you read motivational books before bed? 
Until next time, keep making it happen. 
Dee x 
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