The easiest solutions can be the hardest to find
We, humans, can be a nightmare when it comes to finding the easiest solution for a problem or task. 
We get stuck into 'old ways' and stick with the original directions we were given to do a job, even if it was 25 years ago and times have changed. 
Look at the Great British High Street. Things have changed, the companies that haven't adapted and found a new selling strategy are now going bust. The solution is simple. Join the online selling market and people will buy from you again. 
It's not all about business though. We get stuck in toxic relationships and stay there because it's what we know. The simplest and easiest solution could literally be to walk away but we need to find that out for ourselves. It doesn't matter how many times someone else tells you to walk away, you need to do it yourself. 
Dieting is the same. 
Friends and Family. 
We so often get stuck in a rut with everything that we can't see the wood through the trees. 
When you're looking at making your life easier it is sometimes easier to help people for help and advice. Others often spot thing that we don't. It's like trying to read a chapter but having to read the same page 12 times before it sinks in. 
So, ask for help. 
If you don't want to, then take a step back and ask yourself... what would a hippo do 😉 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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