the easiest solutions are hardest to find
Business owners are busy. There is no doubt about it. 
They're either busy working in their business or on it. Sometimes we are just busy fools, trying to find solutions to make life easier and sometimes we're busy watching pupper videos on YouTube
I've been sat at my desk for the last 2 days trying to figure out a new process I can introduce to not only my business but to my clients businesses too. I do this periodically, so the businesses can become more and more streamline, profitable and the people have the easiest and simplest procedures in place to reduce stress and anxiety. 
Let's be honest, we can do with a little help in that department in this day and age! 
So I sat and I tinkered, I tweaked and I pondered. 
I went from 1 > 2a > 2b > 2c > 3 and finally I got the process tweaked to 1 > 2 > 3! 
It took me 2 DAYS but I knew it was possible. I knew I could figure it out. This new process will now be implemented in to Miss Make It Happen and some of my clients' businesses. Those 2 days were not wasted because I've just saved about an hour a month off of every business I work with! Win for me, because I have to do less and win for my clients because they have to pay me less.... oh, wait... maybe I should keep this process to myself after all 😉. 
Over the last year i've been tweaking Miss Make It Happen and redesigning everything. From logo to structure, to processes. It's taken a long time and a few quid but 25% increase in turn over can't be sniffed at, especially when for the last 3 weeks I've only worked 4 day week. Another win, right? 
How often do you rip your company structure apart, review your processes and try to find ways of doing stuff a simpler, quicker and more affordable way? 
Is it time you need to have a look at what you and your team are doing? 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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