You've just made it through the first three quarters of 2019! Congratulations but that doesn't mean that life starts to slow down. In fact, you should be using the final quarter to focus on your next big push. 
At this time of the year I start to think about what IBE BE'll be doing to make sure the year ends with a bang and also what things I need to put into place to ensure that not only my following year starts on a high but also starts on a solid foundation to ensure the business grows and thrives. 
So what can you do to ensure that you finish on a high and start on solid ground? 
Contact clients and suppliers. 
Over the next couple of months, get in contacts with your clients. Have a chat about how things are going and how you can help them. If you're more product rather than service based, get in touch with old clients and ensure that they are still happy with your product. They may be on the market for a new or upgraded version! 
You may want to contact all your supplier to see what their plans for 2020 are and to see if it affects you in any way. Can you get a better or more cost effective supply elsewhere? I know it's hard to walk away from suppliers but this is business, you may need to protect your bottom line by going elsewhere. 
Tie up all the loose ends. 
You have in your business. EVERYTHING must be sorted before the end of December. Don't fool yourself in to thinking you have 3 WHOLE months to sort things, you don't. You have minimal time to get all those little things done and dusted. 
Start to plan. 
Plan for the first month, quarter, 6 months and year of 2020. It doesn't need to be a full on war plan, it just needs to be something to keep you on track when you're plodding along. Set goals that are out of your comfort zone but are achievable. This way you'll be kept on your toes but won't be put off by unobtainable targets. Who know's "Hire a VA" may be on that list of yours and you can drop me a line. 
Schedule the rest of 2019. 
Sit down for an hour and put EVERYTHING in your diary. Schedule everything that needs to be done. I'm not just talking work. I'm talking trips to ASDA, school runs, nights out with friends, dentist, cleaning the house, travel between places. Work out exactly what time you've already used up and you'll be given a more realistic idea of what time you have left. 
The final quarter is true hippo territory. Now is our time, as organisers and planners, to make a difference. It's time to get everything down on paper / in Trello, put our head down and charge forward until everything is done and dusted. We can't take out eye off the ball. We can celebrate when the job is done. Believe me, it'll be hard with everyone trying to tempt you with halloween and Christmas, but it'll be worth it when you're done. Stay focused on the game. 
You've got this. 2019 will be over soon and you want to be proud of yourself, right? 
I'm always around if you need help and advice. Just get in touch
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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