The importance of giving reviews
In this day and age we’re all super quick to give a bad review. Bad service in a restaurant? BANG! Facebook knows about it. Horrible experience internet shopping? BOOM! Google reviews is suddenly our best friend. Not to forget all the sites like TripAdvisor. 
We’re bang on the review bandwagon when we’re unhappy but are we so quick to give a GOOD review? Do you take the time to tell people about something that happens when you’re happy? 
I was concerned that I was becoming a ‘Karen’. A little while ago I was struggling with my mental health. I noticed that the only time I gave a review was when I was pissed off, or even slightly inconvenienced, if I’m honest. 
When I started to sort my head out, I made a conscious effort to start leaving GOOD reviews for people. I take time to leave reviews on Amazon for all the individual sellers, pre-Lockdown I would do the same for restaurants and places of interest. I also like to take the time to leave a review for people I work with. 
My latest review was for a book written by Dougie Brimson, he’s one of my favourite authors and has just released the 3rd book in the Billy Evans Trilogy. The three books are called Top Dog, The Crew, and the latest one - In The Know. 
(Yes, thats the same 'Top Dog' as the film) 
My review said – 
“I’ve been waiting a long time for this… ... and I was not left disappointed. I'm the second generation of Dougie Brimson fans in my family. Between me and the old man, I don't think there's a book that hasn't been read. I'm a MASSIVE fan of Billy Evans and this book hit every emotion it possibly could. Leave yourself enough time to finish the book in one go, I could not put it down. Fantastic work from a fantastic author.” 
It took me two minutes. I then shared it to Facebook. Within the hour, a friend popped up to tell me she liked Dougie Brimson too! We had a little chat and off she went to buy the trilogy. 
See how that worked? 
I liked something > I talked about it > the author got another customer. 
What if we all supported every-one we dealt with like that? 
What if we filled the internet with happiness and positivity? What if we backed our friends when they did a good job? 
Who knows, maybe karma will smile down and we’d all get a good review. 
Little something to think about this week. 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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