We all have big dreams and goals, right? The ones we think about at 3am or when we’re sipping tea in the garden in the evening. 
The kind of goals that look like this; 
Make 10 million quid. 
Retire at 50. 
Own a pet hippo! 
Run a successful billion-pound global business. 
Live happily ever after with the love of your life and 6+ dogs in a cabin in the woods. 
They help us keep an eye on the end prize, the bigger picture, and our life goals. But, in my opinion, it’s more important to have smaller, tiny even, rewardable goals for the day-to-day running of your business and life in general. 
One of the goals I have each month relates to my turnover. I set myself a goal on how much I’d like to earn. In July, I smashed it by hundreds. In August, I missed it by £2. TWO QUID! In September, I hit it by £47.95. 
Now I’ve done ‘best out of 3’ and hit the goal twice in the last three months, I will raise it. This means that things need to change in my business. I’ll have to look at a number of things, including: 
My current availability to take on new clients. 
Marketing to obtain new clients. 
Can I just put my prices up? (Cheeky, but also essential from time to time) 
There’s a whole host of things I’ll also look at, but you get the picture. We’re constantly told to focus on the big prize, but what if we hold on to that goal in our head and keep our eye on the here and now? What if we help ourselves create a growth plan with the little daily or monthly goals we set and watch ourselves grow one step at a time? 
Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. That’s the best part. Every tiny step forward, every task complete, every hill conquered. It’s also important to reward yourself for hitting those goals. Not just a ‘Well done me’, an actual prize for hitting your goal. I think I may have to look at a nice little weekend away… road trip anyone? 
Think about your day-to-day goals and how you can leverage them to help grow your business. Need help? You know where to find me
Until Next Time… 
Dee x 
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