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One day I’ll have the job I love, the house I want, the family I dream of. 
One day I’ll have a million in the bank, 3 holidays a year, a nice sports car. 
One day I’ll build a walk in wardrobe, wear red soled shoes and have platinum watches. 
One day my TV will be so big you’ll think it’s a cinema, I’ll have my own pool and a tennis court. 
These are not the one days I dream of. 
I just want: 
One day without pain. 
One day without risk of seizures. 
One day a cure for what is now incurable. 
One day without my body fighting itself. 
One day of peace. 
For those suffering, we’d give up all the riches in the world. For one day without pain or discomfort. I'm talking about mental and physical pain. 
People say “it’s not fair that you have XYZ” 
I say - “I’m glad it’s me rather than a small child. It might as well be my burden to bear. I am strong. I’d just like - One Day.” 
We have no option but to play the hand that we're dealt but we do have a choice on how we play. We can play with a smile on our face, thinking positive that we probably have a better hand than so many others and play to have fun, win or lose. 
We're allowed to have days we feel crap, that we would prefer 'better', but we can also realise that we have a choice to see the good, even when the cards are dealt against us. A pair can beat a 3 of a kind if you have the balls to play with confidence. 
So look at your hand. Do you have the balls to smile and play anyway? Do you have the balls to #BeMoreHippo? 
Or shall we give up and wait for the "One Day" that may never come... 
You're worth that happy ending. 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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