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Did you know there were 48 hours in a day? 
OK, that's a bit of a fib but at certain times of the day you CAN double your time. You've probably already been doing it without noticing. Have you ever sat on the toilet and used your phone to catch up with Facebook? Have you ever painted your nails whilst on the phone to a friend? 
Congratulations, you've been doubling your times and using it more effectively. 
THIS is how successful people seem to get so much done during the day. They use their time wisely and 'double up'. 
Here are some ways you can double up on time... 
The commute - You can double up here by listening to audio books and podcasts as you drive yourself to work. If you use public transport, you can read, listen to audio books, catch up on your lap top and also use the time to do your make-up. I'm from London. Doing your makeup on the tube isn't frowned upon anymore. This time is also great for catching up on sleep. seriously. If you need a 20 minute nap, this is the time. 
Telephone calls - If I'm on a call and it's going on and on, I sometimes start to do other things. Take notes for my shopping list, paint my nails, check my diary or calendar, plan my next task. I'm really good at multi tasking so I'm still giving the person on the phone all the attention they need but at the same time I'm giving myself a head start. 
Toilet breaks - Catch up with social media. Don't start getting offended, you've all done it. 
Gym / Exercise sessions - I'll be honest, I've been known to take the iPad to the gym or audio books out on the bike with me. Just PLEASE be careful. If you're on a road bike, please only use one ear to listen to the audio book! Always keep one ear free to listen to traffic and what is going on around you. I've written some of my best blogs at the gym whilst doing cardio! 
Meditation Sessions - Yes, I know, Meditation should be about clearing your mind BUT what if you could find something else that helps you clear your mind WHILST you meditate. Colouring in is a good one. You can also knit or do some other mindless craft like cross stitch. Not only will you be creating something but you'll be clearing your head at the same time. My go to is colouring in and knitting. Yes, I knit. All the cool kids do it, right? 
I find that I'm more creative after 4-5pm so I do a lot of my graphics and writing work in the evening. It suits my brain better. I usually team this up with watching a film, or watching TV on catch up. 
Why not have a look at your daily routine and see where you can double up to save or make more time? 
I'd love to hear ways that you double up your time in a day. 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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