what is my dirty little secret?
Ooo, I bet that title caught your attention and got you thinking there will be some gossip in this blog... 
I'm sad to say that there is no juicy gossip BUT what I do have is some juicy information and advice for you. 
I'm not a people person and i'm not fond of people-ing at the best of times but I do hang around a fair few VA groups on Facebook and the internet in general. I'm a watcher. VA's are a great addition to most growing businesses. We take away all the tasks you'd rather not do and if we're really good, we will implement ideas and systems in to your business so you can grow. 
We know that some of our clients will shout about us from the rooftops. The world will know that we're part of the team, even if we're hundreds of miles away. Some clients ask us to wear an invisibility cloak for various reasons and we'll be unknown to the general public. This is cool too. We quite like being the fairy godmother in the background of businesses. Our clients give us all the thanks we need so we don't need to be paraded to the world. Sometimes i'm just dee from XXX Ltd and no one can tell the difference if i'm a VA or an actual physical member of the team. 
What we do not like is being a DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. If you don't want to tell the world you have a VA, thats cool, but don't go public and tell people you did all the work yourself, without any help, and then go on to say you don't see the point in hiring a VA. Especially when we covered your arse in the first place. 
It makes us feel like crap. 
It makes us not want to work with you. 
So, if you do have a virtual team member, tell them you think they're great, don't tell the world you think there is no point in getting one, if you have one yourself! 
3. In short, don't be a d*ck. 
Hope you have a wonderful week everyone! 
Until next time, 
Dee x 
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